Get your brains ready


My studio is your studio

If you got a project you want to put together, want to expand your skill set around Art & Technology, or think that cooler than buying is making it yourself… Then you’re in the right place!

Come to the studio, learn something new, make something great, go back home with a unique object and an experience that you will treasure forever.

Hands on approach

Instead of just having a programming & electronics class and hope for the best in a corner of your apartment, without tools and support, these are hands-on production workshops. I will teach you the ins and outs of what you need to know too, but we’ll actually get build it together in the studio too.
CNC, laser cutter, metal welding, carpentry, lathe, table saw… all at your disposal with my guidance.

Learning by making

The journey of pulling an idea out of thin air, shaping it into a design and producing such object, teaches you as much about yourself as the necessary skills to pull it off. You create a sentimental bond with the piece. It becomes something unique, worth sharing, that you will cherish for life.

The process is as valuable as the object itself.

Tailored for your project

This is not a general program designed for a group of students.
This is a tailor-made course designed specifically for you, composed of as many lessons as you need, and you and I get to go through it together until you realize your vision.
If that is something that resonates with you, get in touch and let’s discuss the details of what you want and what you need, schedule and cost.