Inspired by nature, crafted with technology

Exploring natural phenomena and human perception.

Daniel Palacios Studio is a workshop creating custom, site-specific and interactive exhibits for Art shows, Science Institutions, and advertising agencies.

Art & Design

I develop my projects like any other artist, as self-initiated projects out of curiosity.

Some projects land themselves in art exhibitions and museums due to their size, cost, or experimental character; while others show a more functional approach and find their way to you as any other everyday design object would do.


I believe in the quality of handcrafted objects and short limited editions, as a way to hone skills while avoiding repeating ourselves too much.


But technology is key to achieve things that otherwise you couldn’t, as well as understanding the world through interactions before unimaginable.


Custom versions of the more experimental projects quite often are commissioned for advertising campaigns and VIP events.


While every so often I do shop updates, releasing a mix of functional and more artistic objects available to purchase directly from the studio.

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