I grew up questioning everything around me, taking things apart, tinkering and making.

An advocate of digital thinking, at the same time I need the tactile experience, conceiving each project as an entity in which technology and craft work harmoniously, without eclipsing one another.

Technologies such as interactive and kinetic installations or data visualization interest me the most, they have the power to alter your perception of the world engaging with your senses and your mind.
By revealing, replicating and deviating from natural phenomena they can shift the way you think about what surrounds you, how you perceive, experience and react to it.

I enjoy the vision of the artist as an explorer

the one who asks “what if” without knowing what’s going to happen next, looking for the limits of what is known.

Experimental within contemporary art, my production has evolved through interactive installations, site-specific engravings and sculptures of data visualization as well as critical design projects. Always questioning subjective aspects of perception and confronting the preconceived ideas of the public and their expectations, I tend to be attracted to issues related to natural phenomena in our immediate surroundings, of a certain scientific nature, investigating the alternative use of materials and production processes.

Born in the early 80’s, during the analog-digital paradigm change, my fascination with this line of research emerges from a methodical exploration of the world, balancing precise technical execution with a subjective reproduction of reality. I explore the limits of what we know and what we perceive, creating objects and experiences that lead to a better understanding of the world around us.

Trusted by

You will find my projects featured in museums, festivals and art fairs in Europe, Asia and America (including Trondheim biennale for art and technology Meta.Morf, CAAC, MEIAC, I+CAS, Casal Solleric, ZKM, NAMOC, Ars Electronica, FILE, Science Gallery, LABoral, VOLTA and ARCO) and in the collections of art institutions such Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo as well as science institutions such as London Science Museum and CosmoCaixa Science Museum of barcelona.
I have represented Spain at the International Triennial of Media Art (organised at the National Art Museum of China) for the Beijing Olympics cultural program, and won several international awards including two times the VIDA Art and Artificial Life awards and a stipend from Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin.

My work is widely recognised and has been published in books and publications such as Leonardo from MIT Press, Art + Science Now from Professor Stephen Wilson, Art contemporain, nouveaux médias by Dominique Moulon and Beyond the Display: Phenomenal Art and Design in the 21st Century form Mika Iwasaka, INNOVATION. Prospects for the XXI century by TF Editors and Art from Andalusia for the 21st century by Iván de la Torre Amerighi among others.

I’ve collaborated with brands such as Nike, Adidas, Orta Anadolu and Mustang among others, for their campaigns in cities such as Berlin and L.A, and venues such as Soho House Istanbul and Casa Batlló in Barcelona.