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Custom works

Most of my work are self-started projects, which then evolve into a commission basis.
Though some projects are susceptible to be reproduced as Limited Editions or loaned for events & shows.
Here are some guidelines for your request…

The loan: It is what it is

ie. Waves or Strata have been loaned for VIP events, rather than producing a new piece.

The fork: A custom version of an installation

ie. Waves have been commissioned in different flavors by renowned Art Centres, Science Institutions, and global brands for advertising campaigns.

The remake: A new edition of a current project

ie. the Strata sculptures or Receptive Environments engravings are quite appropriate for that.
I would make a data capture from a specific moment & place that is important for you, to then produce a new series of artworks from them, specifically for you.

The real deal: A brand new project

If you feel that my work resonates with you, contact me with your briefing and I will develop a brand new project for you.

Let me know your thoughts